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teflon bearing

The main thing about the teflon bearings is that these discs of
teflon are rdeucing the friction.
The gearbox inlcudes 3 pieces of this discs. The result is that the
mechanic works smoothlier but with the same precision as before.
The price of the teflon bearing is: 12,00€/set (PVC) and 15,00€/set
(wood, mother of pearl)

type of handles

There different PVC, wood or mother of pearl handles available.
Please download the .pdf with the different available handles


All mechancis can be equiped with different rollers.
For guitar with nylon-strings: white, black, ivory imitate
For guitars with steel strings: metal rollers (slotted head), scoopful
rollers (solid head, with bushings)

custom mades devices

We are able to make a lot of special tuners. Please contact us if
you have any special requirements.
All models are also available with space of the pins differing from
the stanard (35mm).


All discounts are individual agreements.

sale on exchange

If you not satisfied with you are tuners please contact us we will
find quickly a solution for the problem.
Please understand that we cant take back any custom made tuners.

shapes of the plate

There are two different shapes available. Hauser-shape and
straight shape (See also dimensions). Also available are single
mechanics and Weissgerber mechanics.


The brass and nickel mechanics are available with glossy and
mate finish.
Black nickel only glossy available.
On the black nickel mechanics the decoraded sleeve and decoraded
button are available in brass or nickel.

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